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released March 17, 2014

All songs except "Sleepwalking with Slip Silver" written and recorded by DIRTWART.
"Sleepwalking with Slip Silver is originally called "Sleepwalk" By Santo and Johnny (1959 )
Thanks to Slip Silver for going back in time with me for a couple nights.
Cover art - Frank T
Loop Knowledge - Eric D



all rights reserved


DIRTWART Lindenhurst, New York

My name is Dirtwart (Matty for short). I played in a few punk rock bands on Long Island and have always loved 90's electronic music so it felt like time to make a few songs. Hope you enjoy. Download and bump that tooshie. ... more

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Track Name: Big Grump
always pushing for decisions I dont wanna make
keep me locked in a cage
just take a fuckin break
look to the right and then to the left
fast enough to catch the sun set
still feel it beating in my chest
spokes keep turnin
im still growin
growin stronger everyday
against the words that these strangers are speaking to me
had enough of that trash in my ears
let go of all the fear
a spark flickers in the haze
twelve o clock we lost another day
no wax left for the flame
moons keep turnin
im still burnin
burnin brighter everyday
outshine all this negativity
live a life that is happy and free
hold on tight to me
try to live by the words that you said
but its hard cause your dead
try to live by the words that you said
pills in the bed
Track Name: Still Sinking
three of us in the front seat
past the double bridge
eyes on the waves and the moon and the stars ahead
still sinking deeper in <3
grinding teeth
bobbing head
this time in this life
im leaving everything up to the night
with the high beams on
and no one else in sight
windows down
smoke swirling all around
touch the clouds
feel the water crashing over the ground
country squire never let us down
Track Name: Sierra Blanca
sun setting
slow setting
pink skys over san antonio
green lightning
still frightening
shit out of gas and money too
dead moon night
split a bottle to stay warm
spark an inner light
locked in the van
just along the border land
steady as she goes big ern beat up on the side of the road
shattered bones
too much weight no sense of control
out of sight
we split a line to wake these butchered minds
feels so right
crash with the moon and first break of light
take me home
been so long since I had some time of my own
haggard mood
face down drunk in the darkness alone
help me get away
still searching for a better way
Track Name: Long Live Ripple
shut off the light its too bright
hard to sleep
with nothing to eat or drink
carved a hole in my skull
spent hours looking at the writing on the walls
glimpsed another face
one with three eyes and still couldnt see straight
crave another swig
just a little nip to ease this throbbing head
burned the bridges down to smoke and soot
keep that head above water somethings got my foot
heart racing on a fatal track
but its too late to stop
whats the sense of looking back?
just shut my eyes
count some sheep
but the nerves in control
wont let me sleep
strike it down
right at the neck
put my head underground
im a fuckin wreck
just one more day
maybe we'll be ok
almost doesnt make a difference to me
broken wings
still cant fly
broken wings cant get it right
Track Name: Ocular Phenomenom
stumblin down sunrise
crusty nose and bleeding eyes
everyones watching nowhere to hide
no keys and no wallet
what fucking planet is this?
how did her arm get so twisted?
naked backflips under the moon
that lyric in another tune
followin those tracks down to park avenue
lost energy taking up space
tomorrows just a word for another day
another time another place
riverbed is my resting place<3
we got alot to give
but less to show for it
thrown in jail just a kid
cant make it with this clouded mind
poisons what we got to choose in life
stay outside the weather is nice
push the body till it brekas
too late to sense the instability
a living coma
vegitive state
kill me quick please dont wait.
always spinning
feeling dizzy
Track Name: Mermaid Lady
I know you're goona tell me anything
so get it over with
I know you're goona tell me anything
im used to it
Track Name: Shit Beach
lurking under black pitch of night
bundled up so tight
with these two wheels rollin on
plannin on the next creation
like a little star in time
ripped down before we see the light
run away the flashing lights again
paradise in the back of venetian
smashing bottles all over the street
spill the fire put it out with your feet